Introducing the init command

Learn how to use the new init command to initialize a website using Contentz.

Starting at version 3.4.0 Contentz comes with a init command that could be used to generate a new website using Contentz.

To create a new website using Contentz run a single command:

npx contentz init

This will initialize a new website inside the directory you run the command. If you want to create it in another directory run the following command:

npx contentz init my-blog

This will create a directory my-blog and initialize the website there.

The initialize process will run the following steps:

  • Create the directory if it doesn't exists.
  • Create the directories articles and pages.
  • Initialize Git inside root directory.
  • Create a .gitignore.
  • Create a package.json with the scripts build, social, write, watch, dev and start.
  • Create a with a basic documentation.
  • Create a config.yml with the basic configuration of your website.
  • Install Contentz as dependency.
  • Install concurrently, husky, lint-staged, serve and watch as development dependencies.
  • Build the website one time.

After that you are ready to access your website and start writing!